Nov. 5, 2019

Toray Industries, Inc.

Toray endorsed the contractual Agreement with JICA on Japanese technology of Personal Protective Clothing for the Project to support infection control capacity in Guinea

Tokyo, Japan, November 5th 2019 – Toray Industries, Inc., made an agreement with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in September2019 to undertake a project to promote deployment and utilization of Japanese technology of the personal protective (personal protective equipment: PPE in general) to support strengthening infection risk control particularly for preparedness of the deadly infectious diseases such as Ebola Diseases (EVD) that had been spread during 2014-2016 in the Republic of Guinea.


Running through January 2021, the 37 million yen initiative will address the nation’s pressing to prepare for possible recurrence of diseases in future, since the diseases themselves have not been eliminated yet as the cases detected in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) now. PPE is vital item everywhere in case to tackle against the highly pathogenic infectious agents which could be transmitted through droplets, blood or other body fluid when any public health workers would provide care for the patients in such developing nations. Not only for prevention of nosocomial infection but also for secondary infections in the communities at risk, the PPE protects medical and co-medical experts as well as community health workers to support dignified burial if needed in addition to laboratory technicians who tests the infectious samples.

Toray will provide guidance for the medical institutes and medical/co-medical personnel in close consultation with relevant government officials in using its LIVMOA™5000 protective clothing, along with promoting their awareness and preparedness for healthcare-associate risks. Toray will also invite key Guinean government officials and concerned public health authorities to Japan aiming to help them upskill and acquire knowledge from Japanese experts in collaboration with specialist institutions in Japan. Toray will contribute for Guinea, as a pilot project given the opportunity by JICA, to assess how Japanese technology could be introduced and mobilized effectively and strategically to promote further visibility as Japan’s qualified product in its global market for health development, addressing its superior quality and performance of LIVMOA™.

LIVMOA™ personal protective clothing enables wearers to perform at their best by safeguarding them from body fluids, blood, and their droplet while remaining moisture permeable to optimize comfort hot and humid conditions. Easy removal reduces the risks of secondary infections from on-clothing contaminations. One priority of Project AP-G 2019, Toray’s medium-term management program, is to expand its capabilities in the life innovation field to enhance its business in clinical and medical environments. The risks of potential outbreaks in Africa of hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola remains critical that require advanced infection control. LIVMOA™ personal protective clothing can help various public health efforts including the works conducted in developing countries and bolster their infectious disease prevention programs and deliver better healthcare outcomes.