LIVMOA™ Hazmat suit and protective clothing

Single-use protective clothing using Toray’s cutting edge material,
which is highly breathable and prevents entry of dust

“Conventional protective clothing is effective at preventing entry of dust,
but is uncomfortable to work in due to heat and moisture…”

Have you given up on resolving the discomfort,
which is common in single-use protective clothing?

LIVMOA™, which is the culmination of Toray’s cutting-edge materials technical finesse, markedly improves the comfort of the protective clothing, making the workplace more comfortable.

high breathability and protection against dust

The combination of high breathability and protection against dust makes for comfort and safety.

TORAYMICRON™ absorbs floating particles

TORAYMICRON™ is a non-woven fabric made from polypropylene microfiber, which gives each fiber powerful electrostatic properties. A strong electric field is created between the inside and outside of the non-woven fabric, instilling it with the ability to catch and absorb everything from submicron particles invisible to the naked eye to large particles of dust.

Cutting-edge materials technology resolves discomfort in the workplace

It had been taken for granted that those who need to wear protective clothing on the job would experience high humidity and a high discomfort index. Toray has achieved comfort in the workplace by fully utilizing its cutting-edge materials technology, developing a material that delivers breathability, which is necessary for wearer comfort, while reliably preventing the entry of undesirable elements such as dust and dirt. The result has been worker comfort and safety.

Breathability Experiment Using TORAYMICRON™

This experiment compared the breathability of the materials by pasting them onto a plastic cylinder and blowing air from below.
The Styrofoam spheres in the cylinder with the LIVMOA™ barrier floated up high, indicating the superior breathability of LIVMOA™.

Experiment Comparing Material Breathability

Questionnaire on LIVMOA™ 3000, the highly breathable high-spec type

80% of the users responded that they would want to continue using the product. 80% of the users responded that they would want to continue using the product.

In response to the question, “Would you want to continue using this product in the future?” in the questionnaire for the LIVMOA free trial campaign conducted from May through August of 2018, 80% of the users stated that they “Definitely would want to use” or “Would want to use.”

Please try out a comfortable work environment in Toray’s LIVMOA™