Material with WBGT clothing
adjustment value of 0°C

LIVMOA™2000 | Highly breathable standard type
| type5 | for Dust-proof clothing

This model uses highly breathable TORAYMICRON™ on the areas particularly sensitive to heat, which are the face, chest and back.
The highly breathable standard model achieves a balance between countermeasures against heat and humidity and cost.

This product is suitable for the following industries and work types: asbestos removal, urethane spraying, maintenance, general manufacturing, and dirty work.

Color: White

Color: White

This model is an economy type that combines highly breathable TORAYMICRON™, which prevents steaming in clothing and provides superior dustproofing, with SMS.

This product not only provides countermeasures against the summer heat, but also supports comfort and safety in the workplace, which tends to be hot and humid throughout the year. LIVMOA™ 2000 conforms to the requirements of JIS T 8115:2015 Type 5 (sealed protective clothing for floating dust).
TORAYMICRON™ is an electrostatic non-woven microfiber fabric that is also used in air filters, and has excellent dust collection capacity and breathability. In addition to safety, this product reduces the discomfort that has been a problem associated with conventional protective clothing. It enjoys comfortable wearability even during hot weather or in high temperature and high humidity work environments, contributing to improved workability.

Type cettificate



TORAYMICRON™ absorbs floating particles

TORAYMICRON™ is a non-woven fabric made from polypropylene microfiber, which gives each fiber powerful electrostatic properties. A strong electric field is created between the inside and outside of the non-woven fabric, instilling it with the ability to catch and absorb everything from submicron particles invisible to the naked eye to large particles of dust.

Breathability Experiment Using TORAYMICRON™

LIVMOA™ and competitor's product

This experiment compared the breathability of the materials by pasting them onto a plastic cylinder and blowing air from below.
The Styrofoam spheres in the cylinder with the LIVMOA™ barrier floated up high, indicating superior breathability of LIVMOA.

Experiment Comparing Material Breathability



Compared to products of other manufacturers, LIVMOA™ 2000 has a maximum temperature increase of 2.1°C inside the clothing and a maximum relative humidity increase of 20% Rh, which indicate a comfort level near that of LIVMOA™ 3000.

30°C50%RH atmosphere (no wind) Temperature and humidity inside clothing in the back area after exercising for 20 minutes


General physical properties

Physical property LIVMOA2000 Testing Method
Highly breathable
Material Tensile strength Class 2 2 JIS L 1096
Tearing strength Class 3 2 JIS L 1913
Piercing strength Class 1 1 JIS T 8115
Abrasion resistance Class ≥ 1 ≥ 1 JIS T 8115
Bending strength Class ≥ 1 ≥ 1 JIS T 8115
Air permeability cm3/cm2/s 96 14 JIS L 1096
Clothing Seam strength Class 4 2 JIS T 8115
Floating dust permeability Individual leakage rate Pass JIS T 8124-1
Total leakage rate Pass

Class = JIS T 8115 Chemical protective clothing classification


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101-0032, Japan
TEL: 03-5821-3391


1. Disposal

LIVMOA™ 2000 should be disposed of as industrial waste or incinerated. However, please keep in mind that the contamination of the garment may limit the disposal method. Please follow all laws, standards and guidelines of your country and local government.

2. Cautions

Garment specifications and appearances are subject to change without notice.
All matters, technical data and recommendations listed on this site are based on our own reliable experiments, but we do not guarantee their accuracy or completeness. Toray makes no guarantees for and disavows all responsibility or obligation for any consequences resulting from this information. Prior to use, the user must determine whether the product is appropriate for the intended use and assume all responsibility for any associated dangers.
The obligations of the seller and the manufacturer are limited to replacing a product that has been proven to be defective. No other responsibilities are assumed. Toray is not responsible for any matters not described.

3. Instruction manual

Please read and understand the instruction manual included with the product beforehand and use the product in accordance with these instructions.

4. Other

Due to printing, the color of the actual product may differ slightly from what appears in the catalog.
LIVMOA™ chemical protection clothing is a limited-use product. It cannot be washed.