Experience more comfort than ever while working on-site!

Limited-use protective clothing made with Toray technology provides maximum comfort and functionality.

Toray's advanced materials technology makes it possible to enjoy wearing protective clothing in a way that was completely unknown until now.

It has long been considered a given that protective clothing is uncomfortable and traps humidity inside. However, thanks to our advances in materials technology, we have achieved our goal of providing comfort for workers in high-risk environments. We have developed a material that offers solid protection against particles, water and other potential contaminants while maintaining breathability. Finally, workers no longer need to choose between safety and comfort: They can have both.

A product lineup that fits the needs of our customers.

Our customers represent a broad swath of industries and businesses, and they need several different functions in their protective clothing, such as protection against chemicals, infectious diseases or contaminants. Beginning with our new breathable LIVMOA 3000 series, we are unveiling a new lineup of products, including waterproof, anti-infectious and chemical-protection versions.

Maintenance-Free Cleanliness

Limited-use wear made from non-woven fabric

Lightweight and comfortable, and always clean and ready to use—no need to wash!

This is Limited-use protective clothing made from non-woven fabric, so no time and energy are wasted washing it. It has been developed to maximize the comfort of workers by providing cleanliness at all times.